Can be refined into a huge range of other products
ethane, propane, butane, naphtha, gasoline, jet kerosene, diesel, heating oil, asphalt, bitumen

Japan Crude
Mexico Crude
US grades
Canada crude

Natural Gas

This is a mixture of methane and ethane carbon dioxide and nitrogen
Used for residential heating, electricity generation, general fuel source
accounts for 25% of total energy consumption in the US
primarily traded on NYMEX

Natural gas liquids
USGas - Canada
USGas - GulfCoast
USGas - HenryHub
USGas - MidContinent
USGas - NorthEast
USGas - West


fossil fuel or nuclear power stations generate electricity
Electrical power is measured in Watts (one joule per second)
not very easy to store
would have trouble responding to a sudden increase in demand.


Extracted by surface or underground mining
The rock is often composed on over 50% carbon
is the dominant fuel source for generating electricity
used in steel and paper manufacturing, cement producers
There are four main types (lignite (brown coal), sub-bituminous, bituminous, anthracite)
Coal futures are one of the most commoly used derivatives for the electric power industry
There are several important benchmarks used to determine the quality of the coal

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