Exchanges that Trade Commodities

There is a long list but the ones listed below are the main ones.


CBOT - Chicago Board of Trade
worlds largest and oldest
trades corn, soybeans, soybean oil, wheat, oats, ethanol, rough rice, mini corn

CME - Chicago Mercentile Exchange
ICE - Intercontinental Exchange
also incorporates the NYBOT (includes Brent Crude oil futures)
the futures are listed here are the same as those on the NYBOT which allows you to access the same contracts in 2 places.

KCBT - Kansas City Board of Trade
MGEX - Minneapolis Grain Exchange


LME - London Metal Exchange
worlds largest base metals exchange


SHFE - Shanghai Futures Exchange
TOCOM - Tokyo Commodity Exchange
Dalian Commodity Exchange (china)

MCX - Multi Commodity Exchange of India
MDEX - Malaysain Derivatives Exchange
WCE - Winnipeg Commodity Exchange
LBMA exchange ?? - spot gold is traded ??
COMOX exchange ??

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