Base Metals


Second most abundant metallic element (after Silicon)
Produced by US, Russia, Canada, China, Australia


One the of the worlds most industrial metals
used primariliy for elecrical purposes
Produced by US, Mexico, Chile
Highly ductile, malleable and resistant to corrosion)
Used for electronic products, power transmission and generation and wiring


Fourth among all the metals in world production
Mainly used for galvanising iron and steel
Also used in other industries (ribber, chemical and agriculture)
Producers are US, Canada and Russia


Very corrosive resistant, dense, ductile, malleable metal
used in car batteries, pipes and fuel tanks
US worlds largest producer


A transition element exhibiting a mixture of ferrous and non ferrous metal properties
most nickel is used in production of stainless steel
Used in production of super alloys by aerospace industry
Main producers- Russia, US, Europe and Australia


Used as a protective coating or as an alloy with other metals such as lead or zinc.
Used in coatings for steel containers, in solders, forjoining pipes, electrical circuits and glass making
China and Malaysia are largest producers
Can be easily recycled

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