Precious Metals

These are the rare metallic chemical elements of high, durable economic value
They are very malleable, highly resistant to corrosion, excellent reflectors or light and strong conductors of heat and electricity


In times of economic uncertainty it is used to hedge against inflation
Produced in South Africa, US, Australia, Canada, Indonesia and Russia
Spot gold is traded on the LBMA exchange (Londons Base Metals exchange ??)


lots of uses
Main producers are US, South America, Mexico
Can be easily recycled
Traded on the London Bullion Market (LBM ??)


extremely rare
used in the automative industry, electronics
50% goes into jewellery market
traded on LPPM (London Patinum and Paladium Market)


alloyed with gold to make white gold
used in telecommunication and catalytic converters
80% of the reserves are in South Africa
Russia is the largest producer
traded on LPPM (London Patinum and Paladium Market)

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