1) Can you describe the different types of Commodity Derivatives ?

2) What exchanges are Commodity Derivatives traded on ?
CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange
CBOT - Chicago Board of Trade
NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange
BM&F - Brazil Mercantile and Futures Exchange
LCE - London Commodity Exchange
LME - London Metal Exchange

3) What are the different types of commodities ?
Energy - oil, gas, electricity, coal
Agricultural - grains, oilseeds, livestock
Metals - base, precious

4) How are commodities traded ?
Cash market
Over The Counter

5) How do you price a commodity ?

6) What affects the price of a commodity ?
Supply and demand
Storage and Transportation
Natural Disasters and Conflict

7) What effect would an increase in interest rates have on the price of a commodity ?

8) What is a Commodity Forward ?
buy or sell a commodity (or commodity index) at an agreed price on a future date.

9) What is a Commodity Option ?
the right to (but not the obligation) to buy (or sell) a commodity (or commodity index) at an agreed price during a specified period.

10) What is a Commodity Swap ?
An agreement between two parties to exchange sequences of payments during a specified period, where at least one sequence of payments is tied to a commodity price or commodity index.

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