F Distribution

This is a continuous distribution.

There is a whole family of F-distributions distinguished by two parameters v1 (numerator degress of freedom) and v2 (denominator degrees of freedom)
These two parameters have whole number values greater than or equal to 1.
A typical F distribution has a peak very near 1 and then a long tail to the right.


This type of distribution arises in relation to test statistics that are quotients of two variances.


right skewed and continuous
right tail
Defined on for F > 0
Family of distributions


Probability Distribution Graph

Cumulative Distribution Graph

Excel Functions

Returns the probability of getting "less than" or "equal to" a particular value in an F distribution.
F.DIST - (returns the left tail) The F probability distribution.

FDIST - returns the cumulative area to the right !!! Which equals 1 - F.DIST( , , , true)

F.INV - Returns the random variable where the probability of getting less than it is P.
F.INV - (2010 - FINV)

F.DIST.RT - (2010 - FDIST) (returns the right)

F.INV.RT - (right tail)

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