Amortisation - This is the term given to the process of paying back loans.
Annuity - This is just a series of equal cash payments made over a continuous period.
Rate - This refers to the interest rate and is usually expressed an an annual interest rate

Bid Rate - The dealers buying rate
Compound Interest -
Discount Factor -
Discount Rate -
Effective Rate -
For example, a car loan or a mortgage is an annuity. Saving a fixed amount every month is an annuity.
LIBID - London Interbank Bid Rate
LIBOR - London Interbank Offer Rate
Lombard Rate - This is the emergency lending rate against top quality securities (elible bills, bills of exchange or government banks). Usually as it is higher than money market rates, no limit to the quantity need to set. At times however limits have been introduced for temporary periods of time because the lombard rate has been lower than money market rates.
Nominal Rate -
Offer Rate - The dealers selling rate
Opportunity Cost -
Simple Interest -
Time Value of Money -

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