Numeracy Test 1

Keep a close eye on the time, have a stop watch in front of you.
Highlight the keywords and important numbers in the question.
Make sure your answer has the correct accuracy: nearest whole number, 2 decimal places, 3 significant figures.
When answering 'to 2 decimal places' remember that you may need to round the number, egg 2.464 is rounded to 2.46 and 2.466 is rounded to 2.47
Use mental strategies. For example, 5 times £4.99 can be worked out by multiplying 5 x £5 (£25) and subtracting 5 x 1p (5p) to give £24.95, rather than working it out using written methods, which can take longer.
Convert all percentages to decimals.

1) The price of a car increases by 4% one year and then 5% the following year. What has been the total percentage increase over the two years ?

2) An electrical item is discounted by 50%. A week later there is a further 20% off. What is the overall percentage discount ?

3) A member of staff has her salary increased by 6% to 31,000. What was her original salary before the increase ?

4) A shop orders 240 t-shirts in several different sizes. The ratios of S, M, L are 1:3:2. How many small t-shirts does the shop get ?

5) A shop places an order for more jumpers. The order is for S, M, L, XL in the following ratio: 3:4:5:3. If the shop receives 60 Medium jumpers, how many jumpers were ordered in total ?

6) There are 5 items with a average price of £6.00. Two of the items are £7.50. One of the items is £7.00. One of the items is £8.00. What is the price of the remaining item ?

7) Calculate 500 divided by 50 plus 50 ?

8) Calculate 500 minus 50 times 10 ?

9) There were 25,000 t-shirts sold and 80,000 trousers sold in March. The average selling price of t-shirts is £300 per 50. The average selling price of trousers is £150 per 50. What was the total value of t-shirts and trousers sold in March ?

10) A factory produced 20,000 items in 2017. Production increases by 26% in 2018 and the average selling price is £300 per 50. What is the total value of items produced in 2018 ?

11) A shop sells 20 items in November and 25 items in January. What is the percentage increase from November to January ?

12) Calculate 20 times 20 plus 20 ?

13) Teachers organised activities for three classes of 28 pupils and four classes of 26 pupils. What was the total number of pupils involved ?

14) All 30 pupils in a class took part in a sponsored spelling test to raise money for charity. The pupils were expected to get an average of 18 spellings correct each. The average amount of sponsorship was 20p for each correct spelling. How much money was the class hoping to raise for charity ?

15) Six out of 25 pupils scored full marks in a test. What percentage of pupils scored full marks ?

16) What is six hundred and forty-three divided by zero point one?

17) In a class of 24 pupils, three need additional support. What fraction of the class do not need additional support ?
Give your answer in its lowest terms.

18) A teacher took the class on a school trip. The total cost for the group was 180 euros. Taking 1.6 euros as equal to one pound, what was the total entrance cost, in pounds, for the class ?

19) A student achieved 84 marks out of a possible 120 in a test. What percentage mark did the student achieve for the test ?

20) A school trip was planned at a total cost of £120 per pupil. The accommodation cost two-fifths of the total. What was the cost of the accommodation per pupil ?

21) In a year group of 120 pupils, 15 achieved an A* in GCSE English. What percentage of the year group achieved an A* in GCSE English ?

22) A sixth form group raises £82.50 for charity. The money will be equally divided between three charities. How much money will each charity receive from the group?

23) A teacher attends a consortium meeting. The journey is 7.5 miles each way. Travel expenses may be claimed at 40p per mile. How much is the teacher entitled to claim for travel expenses ?

24) A teacher plans a school trip which includes a 152-kilometre coach journey in France. As an approximation, 8 kilometres is equal to 5 miles. Using this approximation, how long is the journey in miles ?

25) A group activity contains two tasks. In the first task all 5 members of a group achieve 3 marks each. In the second task 2 members achieve 4 marks each and the other 3 members achieve 3 marks each. What is the total number of marks achieved by the group ?

26) A school trip is planned for 56 pupils. There must be at least one adult for every 8 pupils. What is the minimum number of people on the trip ?

27) What is 15 per cent as a decimal ?

28) In a year group of 45 pupils, 27 were boys. What fraction of the year group was girls ?
Give your answer in its lowest terms.

29) There are 35 schools in a local authority. Twenty-eight schools have been inspected in the last 4 years. What percentage has not been inspected ?

30) 0.9 of a year group of 180 pupils took part in a school sports day. How many pupils did not take part ?

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