Numeracy Test 7

1) Two students both attend a sponsored walk to raise money for charity. They each walk 24 miles and are sponsored at 24 pence per mile. How much do they raise in total? Give your answer in pounds.

2) What is 325 divided by 0.2?

3) A PE department has 42 footballs. If 28 of the footballs are blue, what proportion of them are not blue? Give your answer as a decimal to two decimal places.

4) $420 is raised at a Funday. 6/7 of the money is donated to charity. How much profit is raised ?

5) Given that 3x + 9y = 6z. What is the value of x + 3y (in terms of z) ?

6) The area of a square is 64cm2. What is the perimeter of the square ?

7) The probability it will snow on Christmas Day is 0.02. What is the chance it will not snow ?

8) Mike is using a map where 1cm represents 2km. His walk is 8cm on the map. How far was his actual walk ?

9) Jake is driving at a speed of 64kmh or 40mph. Lee is cycling at a speed of 32kmh or 20mph. What is 96kmh in mph ?

10) A map has a scale of 1:25,000. What is the actual distance of 4cm ?

11) If "p" is 3/4 of "q". What is 3q ?

12) Stuart was "y" years old 13 years ago. How old will he be in 2 years time. Write your answer in terms of "y".

13) An apple farm picked 1116 apples.
These apples were divided into bags with 12 applies in each bag. How many bags did they fill ?
The bags are sold with an offer of "buy 2 get 1 free". Each bag is sold for £3.00
How much does the farm earn for the 1116 applies ?

14) A supermarket is selling christmas trees for £50. Everything is reduced by 10%.
How much is the tree now ?

15) For one day only the supermarket is reducing everything by a further 10%.
How much is the tree now ?

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