1) What is Probability ?
The probability of something happening is the likelihood or chance of it happening.
A probability of 1 means an event is certain to happen.
A probability of 0 means an event is certain not to happen.
All other probabilities are given as a fraction between 0 and 1.

2) What does Less Than Even Chance mean ?
If there is less than an even chance of an event occurring, we say it is unlikely to happen.
In a similar way, if the chance of an event happening is greater than an even chance, we say it is likely to happen.

3) What does the term Even Chance mean ?
This is 50:50, 1/2 or 50%

4) What does the term Fat Chance mean ?
There is very little change, or a very low probability.

5) What are the different possible outcomes ?
(A) impossible,
(B) unlikely,
(C) equally likely for it to happen or not happen,
(D) likely
(E) certain

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