1) Can you describe the word 'Fewer' ?

2) Can you describe what a Weighted Average is ?

3) What is Standard Deviation ?

4) What is the Sharpe Ratio ?

5) What is R squared ?

6) Can you give the names of some measures of central tendency ?

7) Can you give the names of some measures of dispersion ?

8) Can you describe Brownian Motion ?
This is the random motion of particles in a fluid resulting from their collision with the fast moving atoms in the fluid.
This is a continuous-time random (stochastic) process and it is a limit of both simpler and more complicated random processes (random walk and Donsker theorem)
Brownian motion is described by the wiener process

9) Can you describe Geometric Brownian Motion ?

-There's a horse race with 25 horses and 5 lanes. What's the minimum number of races you need to find the fastest three horses?
-There are 100 prisoners in a cell and you are the warden and you have one bullet. How can you prevent all of them from escaping?
-You toss a fair coin 400 times. What's the probability that you get at least 220 heads? Round your answer to the nearest per cent.
-We are at a junction. P is the probability that at least one car will pass in the next 20 minutes. What's the probability that no car will pass in the next five minutes?
-10 people of different ages sit around a table. What's the probability that they sit in an age-ascending order?

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