Matched T-Test

Also called the Paired t-test
This test is also referred to by a variety of other names: "T-Test for related samples" or "Correlated T-Test"

This test was originally known as the Student T-Test since the mathematician William Gossett had to publish the discovery using an anonymouse name, in this case "student".
This is a more powerful test that replaces the Wilcoxon Test
There are two t-tests and both indicate sample differences by using means and distribution of sample scores around the mean.

This assumes a Normal Distribution and is used to estimate averages when only comparatively small samples are available.
When the sample is large t can be approximated to be z ??

There are alternative tests that can be used that do not require the assumption of a normal distribution (such as nonparametric tests)

Excel Analysis ToolPak



Calculates the T-Value of the F-Test Distribution.

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