Function - BDP

This replaces the previous BLP function and is an abbreviation for Bloomberg Data Point.
This provides current and descriptive real-time or streaming data
The optional argument can be used for Updated Fequency - ie how often the function is updated
Cell anchoring is necessary as arrays are not created automatically

=BDP(security, field, optional)
security - a single valid bloomberg security identifier including optional security type
field - the field
optional - UpdateFrequency - the updating frequency in milliseconds, default is 300 (minimum is 300, and must be in increments of 100)
=BDP("EUR003M INDEX","px last")
=BDP("EUR003M INDEX","px_last")
=BDP("EUR003M INDEX","last_price")
=BDP("f us equity","last_price") latest price for the Ford Stock (single security)

Function - BDH

This replaces the previous BLPH function and is an abbreviation for Bloomberg Data History.
This provides historical end-of-day and historical intra-day data.
=BDH(security, field(s), start_date, end_date, [optional arguments])

=BDH(security, fields, startdate, enddate, optional)
security -
fields -
startdate - a current or historical date
enddate - a date equal to or later than the start date, it cannot be a future date
optional - BarSize [BarSz], BarType [BarTp], CapChg, CshAdjAbnormal, CshAdjormal, Currency, Days, Dates, DateFormat [DtFmt], ExchCode, Period [Per], Sort
=BDH("f us equity","px_last","10/01/07","10/31/07") gets the latest price for each day in October 2007
=BDH("IBM equity","last_price","10/01/07","10/31/07","Currency=GBP, period=cm")

Function - BDS

This replaces the previous BLPB function and is an abbreviation for ??
This provides data sets and bulk data
Returns multi-cell descriptive data

=BDS(security, field, optional)
security -
field -
optional - Direction, Aggregate

Function - BEQS

Lets you return multi-cell data for a selected Screen created using the EQS terminal function

=BLPSH(screenname, isbloomberg)
screenname - the name of the screen to execute
isbloomberg -
=BLPSH("My Energy", FALSE)
=BLPSH("New Eqs", "ScreenType=C","Group=Italy Market") - loads the screen New Eqs and the group Italy market

Function - BLP

This has been replaced with the BDP function

blp("isin", CHG_NET_1D) - daily change %
blp("isin", CHG_NET_MTD) - month to date change %
blp("isin", CHG_NET_YTD) - year to date change %
blp("isin", PX_ASK) - offer price
blp("isin", PX_BID) - bid price
blp("isin", PX_LAST) - last price (either offer or bid)
blp("isin", PX_MID) - middle of (last bid and last offer)
blp("isin", YLD_TYM_MID) - blended YTM
blp("isin", YAS_YLD_SPREAD) - stripped spread
blp("isin", DUR_ADJ_ASK) - spread duration
blp("isin", DUR_ADJ_MID) - mod duration
blp("isin", DUR_ASK) - EIR duration
blp("isin", RTG_SP) - S&P rating
blp("isin", RTG_MOODY) - moody rating
blp("isin", CNTRY_OF_RISK) - country
blp("isin", SECURITY_DES) - description
blp("isin", CPN) - coupon

Function - BLPB

This has been replaced with the BDS function

Function - BLPH

This has been replaced with the BDH function

Function - BLPI

Function - BLPSH

Function - BPGE

Bloomberg Page Based Data
This performs the same functionality as GPGX<GO> and assumes you already know the Broker ID, Category and Page Number
Enables you to return data for pages contributed to the Bloomberg Professional Service

=BPGE(topicid, [rownumber], optional)
topicid -
rownumber -
optional - BrokerId, Category, PageNumber

Function - BTSM

Bloomberg Trading Systems
Enables you to return prices, positions and othe security data for selected trading books/funds

=BPGE(firm, bookname, booktype, fields, optional)
firm -
bookname -
booktype -
fields -
optional -

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