New Enumerations in 2007

msoAutoSizeSpecifies the type of automatic sizing allowed.
msoBackgroundStyleIndexSpecifies the background style for an object.
msoBaselineAlignmentSpecifies the baseline text alignment.
msoBevelTypeSpecifies the bevel type of a ThreeDFormat object.
msoBlogCategorySupportSpecifies how many categories are supported by the provider.
msoBlogImageTypeSpecifies the type of blog image.
msoBulletTypeSpecifies the different types of bullets.
msoButtonStyleHiddenNot to be used directly from code.
msoChartElementTypeSpecifies whether and how to display chart elements.
msoClipboardFormatSpecifies the format.
msoCTPDockPositionSpecifies the docking behaviour of the custom task pane.
msoCTPDockPositionRestrictSpecifies the restrictions on the docking behaviour of the custom task pane.
msoCustomXMLNodeTypeSpecifies the type of the XML node.
msoCustomXMLValidationErrorTypeSpecifies how validation errors are clearedor generated.
msoDateTimeFormatSpecifies the format of a date/time data type.
msoDocInspectorStatusSpecifies the results from running a Document Inspector module.
msoFontLanguageIndexSpecifies one of the three language fonts contained in the ThemeFonts collection.
msoLanguageIDHiddenNot to be used directly from code
msoLightRigTypeSpecifies the effects lighting for an object.
msoMetaPropertyTypeSpecifies the metadata property type.
msoNumberedBulletStyleSpecifies numbered bullet styles.
msoParagraphAlignmentSpecifies paragraph alignment for a text block.
msoPathFormatSpecifies the format of a file or folder path.
msoPresetCameraSpecifies the effects camera type used by the specified object.
msoReflectionTypeSpecifies the type of the ReflectionFormat object.
msoShadowStyleSpecifies the type of shadowing effect.
msoShapeStyleIndexSpecifies the line and shape style.
msoSignatureSubsetSpecifies properties of the signature subset.
msoSoftEdgeTypeSpecifies the type of soft edge effect.
msoTabStopTypeSpecifies the type of tab stop.
msoTextCapsSpecifies the capitalization of the text.
msoTextChangeCaseSpecifies the capitalization of text.
msoTextCharWrapSpecifies the type of text wrap.
msoTextDirectionSpecifies the direction that text runs.
msoTextFontAlignSpecifies the text alignment scheme used for an object.
msoTextStrikeSpecifies the number of times a character is printed to darken the image.
msoTextTabAlignSpecifies the text alignment against tab stops or line breaks.
msoTextUnderlineTypeSpecifies the type of underline for text.
msoTextureAlignmentSpecifies the alignment for the tiling of the texture fill.
msoThemeColorIndexSpecifies the Office theme color.
msoThemeColorSchemeIndexSpecifies the color scheme for an Office theme.
msoWarpFormatSpecifies various image warping formats.

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