New Enumerations in 2010

msoBackstageGroupStyleSpecifies how the backstage group should appear on the File tab in Office 2010.
msoContactCardAddressTypeSpecifies the address type for a contact card.
msoContactCardStyleSpecifies how the contact card is displayed.
msoContactCardTypeSpecifies the contact card type.
msoFileValidationModeSpecifies the file validation mode.
msoIodGroupSpecifies constants that define the IOD (install on demand) groups.
msoPickerFieldSpecifies contact-picker field types.
msoPictureEffectTypeSpecifies constants that define the types of picture effects.
msoRecolorTypeSpecifies the type of recolor to use when changing a color scheme.
msoSmartArtNodePositionSpecifies constants that define the different ways to add a new node to the data model in SmartArt.
msoSmartArtNodeTypeSpecifies constants that define the types of SmartArt nodes.

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