Complete List

This Complete List of Functions provides details and examples for all 471 functions.


ArraysThese are used for creating, analysing and filtering arrays.
Data TypesThese are used for converting from one data type to another.
Dates & TimesThese are used for entering and calculating dates and times.
Files & DirectoriesThese are used for opening and closing files and directories.
FinancialThese are used for depreciation, accrued interest, annuities and rates of return.
Input & OutputThese are used for reading and writing data to and from files.
NumbersThese are used for maths, trigonometry and logarithms.
ObjectsThese are used for loading and unloading ActiveX or OLE objects.
RegistryThese are used for reading, writing and removing values in the registry.
Strings & CharactersThese are used for searching, replacing and manipulating text.
OtherThese are used for all the functions that do not fall into one of the above categories.

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