5 + 5 * 10 - 5??? 
5 + 510Returns Integer
Null * NullNull 
Null * 10Null 
10 * NullNull 
Empty * Empty0 
Empty * 100 
10 * Empty0 
3 < 5True 
3 < 2False 
"a" < "z"True 
"z" < "a"False 
"A" < "a"True 
"200" < "21"True 
"First" & "Second""FirstSecond"Returns String
Null & NullNull 
Null & "Second""Second"Returns String
"First" & Null"First"Returns String
Empty & "Second""Second"Returns String
"First" & Empty"First"Returns String
140 & "Second""140Second"Returns Variant / String
True And TrueTrue 
True And FalseFalse 
True And NullNull 
False And TrueFalse 
False And FalseFalse 
False And NullFalse 
Null And TrueNull 
Null And FalseFalse 
Null And NullNull 
True And True Or TrueTrue(True And True) Or True
True And True Or FalseTrue(True And True) Or False
True And False Or TrueTrue(True And False) Or True
True And False Or FalseFalse(True And False) Or False
False And False Or FalseFalse(False And False) Or False
False And False Or TrueTrue(False And False) Or True
False And True Or FalseFalse(False And True) Or False
False And True Or TrueTrue(False And True) Or True
True Or True And FalseTrueTrue Or (True And False)
True Or False And TrueTrueTrue Or (False And True)
False Or True And FalseTrueFalse Or (True And False)
False Or False And TrueTrueFalse Or (False And True)

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