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Step 1 - Display the Templates and Add-ins dialog box


In Word 2003 (and earlier) this dialog box is displayed by selecting (Tools > Templates and Add-ins).


In Word 2007 this dialog box is displayed by selecting (Developer Tab)(Templates group, "Document Template").


 (Tools > Templates and Add-ins) dialog box



Step 2 - Uninstall the Add-in


If the add-in you want to uninstall is in the list then uncheck the corresponding check box.


Press "OK" to uninstall the add-in.


If you remove an Add-in (i.e. clear the check box) the changes are not saved until you actually close Word completely.



Step 3 - Remove the Add-in


The easiest way to permanently remove an unused add-in is to move the original (".dot", "dotx" or "dotm") file when Word is not open.


Unlike Excel the next time you open Word and display the Templates and Add-ins dialog box you will not be prompted with a message asking if you want to remove the add-in.


You have to manually select the add-in and press the "Remove" button.



Step 4 - Things to Remember

  • You cannot move an add-in if someone else has it installed on their computer. If the add-in is shared among several people then they all need to close Word before the add-in can be renamed, moved or replaced.


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