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wdAlignmentTabAlignment(Added in 2007) Specifies tab alignment.
wdAlignmentTabRelative(Added in 2007) Specifies whether Microsoft Office Word calculates the alignment for a tab relative to the section margins or the paragraph indents.
wdAnimationSpecifies the type of animation to apply to a font.
wdApplyQuickStyleSets(Added in 2010) Specifies a Quick Style set to apply to the document.
wdArabicNumeralSpecifies the relative position of the specified shape.
wdAraSpellerSpecifies spelling rules for the Arabic spelling checker.
wdArrangeStyleSpecifies the window arrangement.
wdAutoMacrosSpecifies an automacro that is stored in a document.
wdAutoVersionsSpecifies the state of the option for automatically saving document versions.
wdBaselineAlignmentSpecifies the vertical position of fonts on a line.
wdBorderDistanceFromSpecifies whether a page border is measured from the edge or from the text it surrounds.
wdBorderTypeSpecifies the type of border to be used.
wdBreakTypeSpecifies the type of break.
wdBrowserLevelSpecifies the version of Web browser at which you want to target new Web pages created in Microsoft Word.
wdBrowseTargetSpecifies the document item that the Next or Previous method locates, and places the insertion point before the next or previous instance of the item.
wdBuildingBlockTypes(Added in 2007) Specifies the type of building block.
wdBuiltinPropertySpecifies a built-in document property.
wdCalendarTypeSpecifies a calendar type.
wdCalendarTypeBiSpecifies calendar type to use when displaying the date or time.
wdCaptionLabelIDSpecifies the type for a caption label.
wdCaptionNumberStyleSpecifies the number style to be used with the CaptionLabel object.
wdCaptionPositionSpecifies the position of the caption label text.
wdCellColor(Added in 2007) Specifies the color of highlighting for table cells that were added, deleted, or merged in the current document.
wdCharacterCaseSpecifies the case of the text in the specified range.
wdCharacterWidthSpecifies the character width of the specified range.
wdCheckInVersionType(Added in 2007) Specifies the type of version for the document checked in when using the CheckIn method. Applies to documents stored in a SharePoint library.
wdChevronConvertRuleSpecifies the character width of the specified range.
wdCollapseDirectionSpecifies the direction in which to collapse a range or selection.
wdColorSpecifies a 24-bit color to apply.
wdColorIndexSpecifies the color to apply.
wdCompareDestination(Added in 2007) When comparing two files for differences, specifies whether to create a new file or mark the differences between the two documents in the original document or the revised document.
wdCompareTargetSpecifies the target document for displaying document comparison differences.
wdCompatibilitySpecifies a compatibility option.
wdCompatibilityMode(Added in 2010) Specifies the compatibility mode that Word 2010 uses when opening a document.
wdConditionCodeSpecifies the area of a table to which to apply special style formatting.
wdConstantsThis enumeration groups together constants used with various Microsoft Word methods.
wdContentControlDateStorageFormat(Added in 2007) Indicates how the date for a date content control is stored or retrieved when the date control is bound to an XML node in the document's data store.
wdContentControlType(Added in 2007) Indicates the type of content control.
wdContinueSpecifies whether the formatting from the previous list can be continued.
wdCountrySpecifies the country/region setting of the current system.
wdCursorMovementSpecifies how the insertion point progresses with bidirectional text.
wdCursorTypeSpecifies the state (shape) of the cursor.
wdCustomLabelPageSizeSpecifies the page size for a custom mailing label.
wdDateLanguageSpecifies the language format to apply to the current date, time, or both.
wdDefaultFilePathSpecifies a default folder for files related to Microsoft Word.
wdDefaultListBehaviorSpecifies the default list behavior for a list.
wdDefaultTableBehaviorSpecifies whether the cells in a table are automatically resized to fit the columns
wdDeleteCellsSpecifies a range of cells to be deleted from a table in a delete cells action or the behavior of the remaining cells after the deletion has occurred.
wdDiacriticColorSpecifies whether to apply a different color to diacritics in bi-directional or Latin style languages.
wdDictionaryTypeSpecifies a proofing tool type.
wdDisableFeaturesIntroducedAfterSpecifies the version of Microsoft Word for which to disable all features introduced after that version.
wdDocPartInsertOptions(Added in 2007) Specifies how a building block is inserted into a document.
wdDocumentDirectionSpecifies the direction to flow the text in a document.
wdDocumentKindSpecifies the format type that Word uses when automatically formatting documents.
wdDocumentMediumSpecifies the type of document to which you are applying a theme.
wdDocumentTypeSpecifies the type of a document.
wdDocumentViewDirectionSpecifies the alignment and reading order for an entire document.
wdDropPositionSpecifies the position of a dropped capital letter.
wdEditionOption(Depreciated in 2007) ??
wdEditionType(Depreciated in 2007) ??
wdEditorTypeSpecifies a user or group of users for a document.
wdEmailHTMLFidelitySpecifies whether to leave or remove HTML tags not required for display.
wdEmphasisMarkSpecifies the type of emphasis mark to use for a character or designated character string.
wdEnableCancelKeySpecifies whether CTRL+BREAK can or cannot interrupt a macro.
wdEncloseStyleSpecifies the relative size of an enclosure.
wdEnclosureTypeSpecifies the type of symbol to use as an enclosure.
wdEndnoteLocationSpecifies the position of endnotes.
wdEnvelopeOrientationSpecifies the orientation of envelopes.
wdExportCreateBookmarks(Added in 2007) Specifies what bookmarks to include when exporting a document.
wdExportFormat(Added in 2007) Specifies format to use for exporting a document.
wdExportItem(Added in 2007) Specifies whether to export the document with markup.
wdExportOptimizeFor(Added in 2007) Specifies the resolution and quality of the exported document.
wdExportRange(Added in 2007) Specifies how much of the document to export.
wdFarEastLineBreakLanguageIDSpecifies the East Asian language to use when breaking lines of text in the specified document or template.
wdFarEastLineBreakLevelSpecifies the line break control level for the specified document.
wdFieldKindSpecifies the type of field for a Field object.
wdFieldShadingSpecifies when to apply on-screen shading for form fields.
wdFieldTypeSpecifies a Microsoft Word field.
wdFindMatch(Depreciated in 2007) ??
wdFindWrapSpecifies wrap behavior if a selection or range is specified for a find operation and the search text isn't found in the selection or range.
wdFlowDirectionSpecifies the direction in which text flows from one text column to the next.
wdFontBiasSpecifies the font bias for symbols.
wdFootnoteLocationSpecifies the position of footnotes.
wdFramePositionSpecifies the reference point against which the frame position is calculated.
wdFramesetNewFrameLocationSpecifies the position of a new frame in relation to an existing frame.
wdFramesetSizeTypeSpecifies how to interpret the height or width of a specified frame on a frames page.
wdFramesetTypeSpecifies the type of frame.
wdFrameSizeRuleSpecifies how Word interprets the rule used to determine the height or width of a frame.
wdFrenchSpeller(Added in 2007) Indicates which version of French to use when using the French language spelling checker dictionaries.
wdGoToDirectionSpecifies the position to which a selection or the insertion point is moved in relation to an object or to itself.
wdGoToItemSpecifies the type of item to move the insertion point or selection just prior to.
wdGutterStyleSpecifies where the gutter appears in the document.
wdGutterStyleOldSpecifies whether the gutter style should conform to left-to-right text flow or right-to-left text flow.
wdHeadingSeparatorSpecifies the type of text separator to place between headings in an index.
wdHebSpellStartSpecifies which rules the Hebrew spelling checker will follow.
wdHelpTypeSpecifies the type of online Help topic or window to display.
wdHighAnsiTextSpecifies how Word interprets high-ANSI text.
wdHorizontalInVerticalTypeSpecifies the format of horizontal text set within vertical text.
wdHorizontalLineAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of a horizontal line.
wdHorizontalLineWidthTypeSpecifies how Word interprets the width (length) of the specified horizontal line.
wdIMEModeSpecifies the default start-up mode for the Japanese Input Method Editor (IME).
wdIndexFilterSpecifies how Microsoft Word classifies the first character of entries in the specified index.
wdIndexFormatSpecifies the formatting for indexes in a document.
wdIndexSortBySpecifies the criteria by which Word sorts the specified index.
wdIndexTypeSpecifies the type of index.
wdInformationSpecifies the type of information returned about a specified selection or range.
wdInsertCellsSpecifies where and what type of cells to add to an existing table.
wdInsertedTextMarkSpecifies the format of text that is inserted while change tracking is enabled.
wdInternationalIndexSpecifies information specific to the current country/region and international settings.
wdJustificationModeSpecifies the character spacing adjustment for a document
wdKanaSpecifies the format of the selected Japanese text.
wdKeySpecifies a keyboard character. Although uppercase and lowercase characters are designated by using different values in a character encoding map, they share a single constant in this enumeration.
wdKeyCategorySpecifies the type of item assigned to the key binding.
wdLanguageIDSpecifies the language to use.
wdLayoutModeSpecifies how text is laid out in the layout mode for the current document.
wdLetterheadLocationSpecifies a location to place letterhead in a letter created by the Letter Wizard.
wdLetterStyleSpecifies the layout of a letter created by the Letter Wizard.
wdLigatures(Added in 2010) Specifies the type of ligatures applied to a font.
wdLineEndingTypeSpecifies how Microsoft Word marks the line and paragraph breaks in documents saved as text files.
wdLineSpacingSpecifies a line spacing format to be applied to a paragraph.
wdLineStyleSpecifies the border style for an object.
wdLineWidthSpecifies the width of an object's border.
wdLinkTypeSpecifies the type of link.
wdListApplyToSpecifies the portion of a list to which to apply a list template.
wdLockType(Added in 2010) Specifies the type of lock for a CoAuthLock object.
wdMailerPriority(Depreciated in 2010) This enumeration has been deprecated and should not be used.
wdMailSystemSpecifies the type of mail system.
wdMappedDataFieldsSpecifies a type of mapped data field.
wdMeasurementUnitsSpecifies a unit of measure to use.
wdMergeFormatFrom(Added in 2007) Specifies the document from which to retain formatting during a document compare function.
wdMonthNamesSpecifies the format in which to display month names.
wdMoveFromTextMark(Added in 2007) Marks the moved-from text when text in a document with tracked changes is moved from one place to another.
wdMovementTypeSpecifies the way a Range or Selection is moved.
wdMoveToTextMark(Added in 2007) Marks the moved-to text when text in a document with tracked changes is moved from one place to another.
wdMultipleWordConversionsModeSpecifies the direction for conversion between Hangul and Hanja.
wdNewDocumentTypeSpecifies the type of new document to create.
wdNoteNumberStyleSpecifies the number style to apply to endnotes, endnote options, footnotes, or footnote options.
wdNumberForm(Added in 2010) Specifies the number form setting for an OpenType font.
wdNumberingRuleSpecifies the numbering rule to apply.
wdNumberSpacing(Added in 2010) Specifies the number spacing setting for an OpenType font.
wdNumberStyleWordBasicBiDi(Depreciated in 2010) This enumeration has been deprecated and should not be used.
wdNumberTypeSpecifies the type of number.
wdOMathBreakBin(Added in 2007) Specifies where Microsoft Office Word places binary operators when equations span two or more lines.
wdOMathBreakSub(Added in 2007) Specifies how Microsoft Office Word handles a subtraction operator that falls before a line break.
wdOMathFracType(Added in 2007) Specifies the type of fraction bar.
wdOMathFunctionType(Added in 2007) Specifies the type of equation function.
wdOMathHorizAlignType(Added in 2007) Specifies the horizontal alignment for an equation.
wdOMathJc(Added in 2007) Specifies the default justification for equations.
wdOMathShapeType(Added in 2007) Specifies the appearance of delimiters (parentheses, braces, brackets) in relationship to the content that they surround.
wdOMathSpacingRule(Added in 2007) Specifies spacing for an equation.
wdOMathType(Added in 2007) Specifies the display format type of equation.
wdOMathVertAlignType(Added in 2007) Specifies the vertical alignment of equations within the shape canvas or the line, for inline equations.
wdOpenFormatSpecifies the format to use when opening a document.
wdOrganizerObjectSpecifies the type of object used by a delete, copy, or rename action.
wdOrientationSpecifies a page layout orientation.
wdOriginalFormatSpecifies the Document Format.
wdOutlineLevelSpecifies the outline level to apply to a paragraph.
wdPageBorderArtSpecifies the graphical page border setting of a page.
wdPageFitSpecifies the view setting for a page.
wdPageNumberAlignmentSpecifies the alignment to apply to page numbers.
wdPageNumberStyleSpecifies the style to apply to page numbers.
wdPaperSizeSpecifies a paper size.
wdPaperTraySpecifies a printer paper tray.
wdParagraphAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of a paragraph.
wdPartOfSpeechSpecifies the part of speech that a word represents when returned by the Word thesaurus service.
wdPasteDataTypeSpecifies the format for the Clipboard contents when they are inserted into a document.
wdPasteOptions(Added in 2007) Indicates how to paste copied text.
wdPhoneticGuideAlignmentTypeSpecifies the alignment of phonetic text that is added to the specified range.
wdPictureLinkTypeSpecifies how a picture should be linked to a document.
wdPortugueseReform(Added in 2010) Specifies the mode for the Brazilian or European Portuguese spellers.
wdPreferredWidthTypeSpecifies the preferred unit of measure to use when measuring the width of an item.
wdProofreadingErrorTypeSpecifies the type of proofreading error returned by the Word proofreading process.
wdReadingLayoutMargin(Added in 2007) Specifies whether margins are visible or hidden when a document is viewed in Full Screen Reading view.
wdReadingOrderSpecifies the text flow and reading order of the document.
wdRecoveryTypeSpecifies the formatting to use when pasting the selected table cells.
wdRectangleTypeSpecifies the type of rectangle and the information it contains.
wdReferenceKindSpecifies the information to include in a cross-reference.
wdReferenceTypeSpecifies the type of item to be cross referenced.
wdRelativeHorizontalPositionSpecifies to what the horizontal position of a frame, a shape, or a group of rows is relative.
wdRelativeHorizontalSize(Added in 2007) Specifies the relative width of a shape using the value specified in the WidthRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object.
wdRelativeVerticalPositionSpecifies to what the vertical position of a frame, a shape, or a group of rows is relative.
wdRelativeVerticalSize(Added in 2007) Specifies the relative height of a shape using the value specified in the HeightRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object.
wdRemoveDocInfoType(Added in 2007) Specifies the type of information to remove from a document.
wdReplaceSpecifies the number of replacements to be made when find and replace is used.
wdRoutingSlipDeliverySpecifies the routing method to use to deliver a document to recipients.
wdRoutingSlipStatusSpecifies the routing status as indicated by the routing slip attached to a document.
wdRowAlignmentSpecifies alignment for the content in selected rows.
wdRowHeightRuleSpecifies the rule for determining the height of the specified cells or rows.
wdRulerStyleSpecifies the way Word adjusts the table when the left indent is changed.
wdSalutationGenderSpecifies the gender to use in a salutation.
wdSalutationTypeSpecifies the type of salutation to use for a letter.
wdSaveFormatSpecifies the format to use when saving a document.
wdSaveOptionsSpecifies how the outstanding changes should be handled.
wdScollbarTypeSpecifies when scroll bars are available for the specified frame when viewing its frames page in a Web browser.
wdSectionDirectionSpecifies how Word displays the reading order and alignment for the specified sections.
wdSectionStartSpecifies the type of section break for the specified item.
wdSeekViewSpecifies the document element to display in the print layout view.
wdSelectionFlagsSpecifies the properties of the selection.
wdSeparatorTypeSpecifies the relative position of the specified shape.
wdShapePositionSpecifies the relative position of the specified shape.
wdShapePositionRelative(Added in 2007) Specifies whether the LeftRelative or TopRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object is valid.
wdShapeSizeRelative(Added in 2007) Specifies whether the WidthRelative or HeightRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object is valid.
wdShowSourceDocuments(Added in 2007) Specifies how to display source documents when two documents are compared using the Word Compare functions.
wdSmartTagControlTypeSpecifies the type of control associated with a SmartTagAction object.
wdSortFieldTypeSpecifies the sort type to apply when sorting a column.
wdSortOrderSpecifies the sort direction.
wdSortSeparatorSpecifies the type of field separator.
wdSpanishSpeller(Added in 2010) Specifies the Spanish speller modes.
wdSpecialPaneSpecifies an item to display in the active window pane.
wdSpellingErrorTypeSpecifies a spelling error type.
wdSpellingWordTypeSpecifies the way Microsoft Word makes spelling suggestions.
wdStatisticSpecifies a statistic to return from a selection or item.
wdStoryTypeSpecifies the story type of an item.
wdStyleSheetLinkTypeSpecifies how to associate a style sheet with the document.
wdStyleSheetPrecedenceSpecifies the level of importance of a style sheet compared to other cascading style sheets attached to the Web document.
wdStyleSort(Added in 2007) Indicates how to sort styles in the Styles task pane.
wdSubscriberFormats(Depreciated in 2010) This enumeration has been deprecated and should not be used.
wdSummaryLengthSpecifies the maximum length of an automatically generated document summary.
wdSummaryModeSpecifies the way the summary is displayed.
wdTabAlignmentSpecifies the tab stop alignment to apply.
wdTabLeaderSpecifies the character to use as the leader with formatted tabs.
wdTaskPanesSpecifies the type of task pane object.
wdTCSCConverterDirectionSpecifies how to convert between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
wdTemplateTypeSpecifies the type of template.
wdTextboxTightWrap(Added in 2007) Specifies how Microsoft Office Word tightly wraps text around text boxes.
wdTextFormFieldTypeSpecifies the text form field type.
wdTextOrientationSpecifies the text direction in a range or selection.
wdTextureIndexSpecifies the shading texture to use for a selected item.
wdThemeColorIndex(Added in 2007) Specifies the theme colors for document themes.
wdToaFormatSpecifies the type of formatting to apply to the table of authorities in the active document.
wdTocFormatSpecifies the type of formatting to apply to the table of contents in the active document.
wdTofFormatSpecifies the type of formatting to apply to the table of figures in the active document.
wdTrailingCharacterSpecifies the character inserted after the number for a numbered list item.
wdTwoLinesInOneTypeSpecifies the character to use to enclose two lines being written into one.
wdUnderlineSpecifies the type of underline to apply.
wdUnitsSpecifies the unit of measure to use.
wdUpdateStyleListBehavior(Added in 2010) Specifies the behavior Word 2010 should take when updating a style to match a selection that contains numbering or bullets.
wdUseFormattingFromSpecifies the source to copy formatting from.
wdVerticalAlignmentSpecifies the type of vertical alignment to apply.
wdViewTypeSpecifies the view type.
wdVisualSelectionSpecifies the selection behavior based on visual cursor movement in a right-to-left language document.
wdWindowStateSpecifies the state of the current document window or task window.
wdWindowTypeSpecifies the type of window.
wdWordDialogIndicates the Microsoft Office Word dialog boxes with which you can work and specifies arguments, if applicable, that you can use to get or set values in a dialog box.
wdWordDialogTabSpecifies the active tab when the specified dialog box is displayed.
wdWrapSideTypeSpecifies whether the document text should wrap on both sides of the specified shape, on either the left or right side only, or on the side of the shape that is farthest from the page margin.
wdWrapTypeSpecifies the wrap type for the specified shape.
wdWrapTypeMergedSpecifies how Microsoft Word wraps text around pictures.
wdXMLNodeLevel(Added in 2003) Specifies the level of an XML node.
wdXMLNodeType(Added in 2003) Specifies the type of node.
wdXMLSelectionChangeReason(Added in 2003) Specifies why XML selection was changed.
wdXMLValidationStatus(Added in 2003) Specifies whether an element or attribute is valid according to the attached schema.

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