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wdSalutationGenderSpecifies the gender to use in a salutation.
wdSalutationTypeSpecifies the type of salutation to use for a letter.
wdSaveFormatSpecifies the format to use when saving a document.
wdSaveOptionsSpecifies how the outstanding changes should be handled.
wdScollbarTypeSpecifies when scroll bars are available for the specified frame when viewing its frames page in a Web browser.
wdSectionDirectionSpecifies how Word displays the reading order and alignment for the specified sections.
wdSectionStartSpecifies the type of section break for the specified item.
wdSeekViewSpecifies the document element to display in the print layout view.
wdSelectionFlagsSpecifies the properties of the selection.
wdSelectionTypeSpecifies the different types of selections.
wdSeparatorTypeSpecifies the relative position of the specified shape.
wdShapePositionSpecifies the relative position of the specified shape.
wdShapePositionRelative(Added in 2007) Specifies whether the LeftRelative or TopRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object is valid.
wdShapeSizeRelative(Added in 2007) Specifies whether the WidthRelative or HeightRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object is valid.
wdShowFilterSpecifies the filter contents of the styles and formatting task pane.
wdShowSourceDocuments(Added in 2007) Specifies how to display source documents when two documents are compared using the Word Compare functions.
wdSmartTagControlTypeSpecifies the type of control associated with a SmartTagAction object.
wdSortFieldTypeSpecifies the sort type to apply when sorting a column.
wdSortOrderSpecifies the sort direction.
wdSortSeparatorSpecifies the type of field separator.
wdSpanishSpeller(Added in 2010) Specifies the Spanish speller modes.
wdSpecialPaneSpecifies an item to display in the active window pane.
wdSpellingErrorTypeSpecifies a spelling error type.
wdSpellingWordTypeSpecifies the way Microsoft Word makes spelling suggestions.
wdStatisticSpecifies a statistic to return from a selection or item.
wdStoryTypeSpecifies the story type of an item.
wdStyleSheetLinkTypeSpecifies how to associate a style sheet with the document.
wdStyleSheetPrecedenceSpecifies the level of importance of a style sheet compared to other cascading style sheets attached to the Web document.
wdStyleSort(Added in 2007) Indicates how to sort styles in the Styles task pane.
wdStyleTypeSpecifies the style type to apply.
wdStylisticSet(Added in 2010) Specifies the stylistic set to apply to the font.
wdSubscriberFormats(Depreciated in 2010) This enumeration has been deprecated and should not be used.
wdSummaryLengthSpecifies the maximum length of an automatically generated document summary.
wdSummaryModeSpecifies the way the summary is displayed.

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