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(Insert > Object)


(Insert > Object) and select the "Create New" tab.


Scroll down to "Microsoft Graph Chart".


The (Insert > Picture > Chart) is just a shortcut to this option.





Press OK to insert a Microsoft Graph object into your document.





The sample data for the chart is displayed in a table called a datasheet.


To edit the chart double click on the object.



If you close the datasheet you can reopen it by double clicking on the chart and the selecting (View > Datasheet)


To exit the Excel chart click outsde the chart application.


To see the Excel chart window again, double click the chart or the data sheet.



When you work with MS Graph a separate window opens with toolbars and menus of that application.


You get additional Chart and Data drop-down menus on the standard menu



Please refer to PowerPoint section for more details on how to use Microsoft Graph.




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