Outlining Tab

Promote to Heading 1 - Promote this item to the highest level
Promote - (Alt + Shift + Left) - Promote this item to a higher level
Outline Level - Choose the outline level for the selected item. You can choose from levels 1-9 or format it as a body text
Demote - (Alt + Shift + Right) - Demote this item to a lower level
Demote to Body Text -
Move Up -
Move Down -
Expand -
Collapse -
Show Level - Allows you to choose what levels to display 1-9 or choose all levels
Show Text Formatting -
Show First Line Only - Allows you to show only the first line of each item displayed

Master Document

Show Document - Used to create and insert subdocuments
Collapse Subdocuments - Used to hide any subdocuments that have been inserted


Close Outline Level - Closes this view and return to editing the document

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