Expanding & Collapsing

Expanding the current Selection

The easiest way to expand a range is to use either the MoveRight or MoveLeft methods.
The Extend argument can either be wdMove or wdExtend. The default is wdMove.

Selection.MoveRight Unit:=wdUnits.wdCharacter, _ 
                    Count:=1, _

This method cannot be used with a Range.

You can also use the Expand method. This method returns the number of characters added to the range.

Selection.Expand (Unit:=wdUnits.wdWord) 

This example expands the selection to include the entire sentence.

Selection.Expand Unit:=wdUnits.wdSentence 

You can also define the start and end points of a range by using the Start and End properties of a range.
The following example creates a Range object that refers to the third and fourth sentences in the active document.

Set myDoc = ActiveDocument 
Set myRange = myDoc.Range(Start:=myDoc.Sentences(3).Start, _

Dim objRange As Range 
Set objRange = ActiveDocument.Range
objRange.Collapse wdCollapseDirection.wdCollapseStart
objRange.End = 0
objRange.StartOf wdUnits.wdStory, _

Set objRange = ActiveDocument.Range(0,0)

Expanding a range to include the whole document

objRange.Expand wdUnits.wdStory

objSelection.MoveStart wdUnits.wdCharacter, 3 

If objSelection.Active = True Then 
'this selection is currently active, ie highlighted
End If

There a several ways you can change a given Range object

SetRange Method

This redefines the starting and end position of existing selection or range
All characters are counted including non printable characters and hidden characters.

objRange.SetRange Start:=0 

This line of code will set the insertion point to the beginning of the active document


StartOf method

Its is also possible to refines the starting and end position of a range by a specific number of units

objRange.StartOf Unit:=wdUnits.wdLine, _ 

Extend has the default of wdMove
When wdMove is used both the ends of the range are moved to the beginning , ie the range is collapsed to a point.
Note: The beginning of the range is not moved if the range is already at the beginning of the specified unit.

objRange.StartOf Unit:=wdUnits.wdWord, _ 

EndOf Method

objRange.EndOf Unit:=wdUnits.wdLine, _ 

When wdMove is used both ends of the range are moved to the end, ie the range is collapsed to a point.

HomeKey Method

EndKey Method

Returns a range representing the resulting insertion point


Extends to the next complete unit

Dim objRange As Range 
Set objRange = Application.Selection.Range
objRange.Expand Unit:=wdUnits.wdCharacter

Shrinks the range to the next smallest complete unit of text, in the following order (word, sentence, paragraph, section, entire document)


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