The (Tools > Spelling) feature will not work in a protected section of a document.
When you protect a document any normal hyperlinks are lost although you can create a similar effect using the macrobutton and unprotecting the document selecting the bookmark and then protecting the document again.

You can protect different parts of your document by selecting (Tools > Protection)

How can I protect a document ?

There are a number of ways you can protect your documents:
Requiring a password when you open or modify a document
Opening the document as read-only recommendation.
Prevent users from changing forms
Only allowing comments and changes which are tracked.
Protecting the formatting elements of a document
Adding a digital signature to your VBA project.

Once you have finished your document you can:
1) Mark the document as final (ie read only)
2) Restrict editing only to authorised users
3) Add an invisible digitla signature

When a document is protected

when you open a document that is protected the following commands are automatically disabled:
SS - Tools drop-down

Tools > Templates and Add-ins
Tools > Track Changes
Tools > Autosummarise
Edit > Links

When a document is protected the region that you can edit is shaded grey.

When a document is unprotected

user setting to shade the editable regions is shaded yellow
"Highlight the regions I can edit"

can we protect a document so that just the margins are protected
can you protect just a section break

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