An operator is an element that performs an operation on one or more code values.
Relational operators are used to compare values and are evalated from left to right.
If you type in "=<" or "=>" then it will be automatically changed to ">=" or "<=".

These are listed in order of precedence.

\Division with Integer result
ModModulo (remainder after division)
&String Concatenation
=Equal and Assignment
<>Not Equal To
<Less Than
>Greater Than
<= or =<Less Than or Equal To
>= or =>Greater Than or Equal To
OROr - always evaluates both regardless
XORExclusive OR (one or the other, but not both)
EQVEquivalence (they must both be the same)
IMPImplication (if one is true then the other must be true)
TYPEOFReturns the object data type

AndAlso and OrElse

These are not available in VBA (only VB.Net).

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