VBA Online Resource

R1C1 - Excel
Raise Custom Errors
RAISEEVENT - Built-in Statement
RaiseEvent Keyword
Raising Errors
RANDOM - User Defined Function
Random Access Mode
Random Number Generator
Random Numbers
RANDOMIZE - Built-in Statement
RANDOMNUMBER - User Defined Function
RANDOMPASSWORD - User Defined Function
Range("A1").Select - Excel
RATE - Built-in Function
RDO (Remote Data Objects)
Reading Text Files
Recording Macros
Recordset Object
Recursive Functions
Recursive Procedures
Recursive Subroutines
REDIM - Built-in Statement
ReDim Statement
Redo - Visual Basic Editor
RefEdit Control
Reference Data Types
Reference Types
Referenced Project
References - comctl32.ocx
References - fm20.dll
References - msado21.dll
References - mscomct2.ocx
References - msxml6.dll
References - ole32.dll
References - olepro32.dll
References - refedit.dll
References - scrrun.dll
References - stdole2.dll
References - vbe6.dll
Referencing Projects
Referencing Type Libraries
Registry - Addin Manager
Registry - DeleteSettings
Registry - GetAllSettings
Registry - GetSetting
Registry - SaveSetting
Relational Operators
Relative Recording
REM - Built-in Statement
Rem Keyword
Remote Data Objects (RDO)
Remove Module
REMOVEBLANKS - User Defined Function
RemoveControl Event
REMOVENUMBERS - User Defined Function
REMOVESPACES - User Defined Function
Removing Breakpoints
Removing Classes
Removing Comments
Removing Decimal Places
Removing Macros
Removing Modules
Removing Procedures
Removing Userforms
Removing Variables
Removing Watches
Repeating Character a Number of Times
REPLACE - Built-in Function
ReplaceModule Procedure
Replacing Characters from String
Replacing Substring from String
Replacing Text
Require Explicit Declaration
Require Variable Declaration
Research Task Pane
Reserved Words
RESET - Built-in Statement
Resizing Controls
Resizing Pictures
Resource File
Resume Command
Resume Next
Resume Next Command
Resume Statements
Resuming After an Error
Return Constant
REVERSE - User Defined Function
Reversing Strings
RGB - Built-in Function
Ribbon - Blank Error Message
Ribbon - box
Ribbon - button
Ribbon - buttonGroup
Ribbon - checkbox
Ribbon - comboBox
Ribbon - commands
Ribbon - contextMenus
Ribbon - contextualTabs
Ribbon - control
Ribbon - Custom UI Editor
Ribbon - customUI
Ribbon - dialogBoxLauncher
Ribbon - documentControls
Ribbon - dropdown
Ribbon - dynamicMenu
Ribbon - editBox
Ribbon - Error Messages
Ribbon - gallery
Ribbon - group
Ribbon - Icon Gallery
Ribbon - Interface Error Messages
Ribbon - Invalidate
Ribbon - item
Ribbon - labelControl
Ribbon - menu
Ribbon - menuSeparator
Ribbon - officeMenu
Ribbon - OnLoad Event
Ribbon - qat
Ribbon - ribbon
Ribbon - Schema Files
Ribbon - separator
Ribbon - sharedControls
Ribbon - splitButton
Ribbon - tab
Ribbon - tabSet
Ribbon - toggleButton
Ribbon Customisation
RIGHT - Built-in Function
RIGHT$ - Built-in Function
RIGHTB$ - Built-in Function
RMDIR - Built-in Statement
RND - Built-in Function
ROMAN - User Defined Function
RootFolder Property
ROUND - Built-in Function
Rounding Down
Rounding Up
ROWHEIGHT - User Defined Function
Rows(2:2) - Excel
RowSource Property
RSET - Built-in Statement
RTRIM - Built-in Function
Run Macro
Run Time
Run Time Errors
Run Time Subroutine Names
Run to Cursor
Running Functions
Running Macros
Running Procedures
Running Subroutines

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