Core Framework

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These are the core elements of the design language, including icons, colors, type, and grid.
The Fabric Core project includes all of the base styling that's used throughout Microsoft.

npm install 

Nuget Package - OfficeFabricUICore
NPM Package Name - office-ui-fabric-core 

Fluent UI React

Fabric Core is primarily meant for non-React applications or static pages.
If you're using Fluent UI React, you may not need Fabric Core.
Most of the styles from Fabric Core are also available via CSS-in-JS styling, which is the recommended styling approach with Fluent UI React.

Latest Version - 2019 October (11.0.0)


Version History - office-ui-fabric-core

VersionRelease DateNotes
11.0.02019 OctoberUpdates to icons
10.1.02019 MayIncludes new Office icons
10.0.02019 AprilUpdates Fabric to support Fluent UI
9.6.12018 September 
9.6.02018 March 
9.5.02018 March 
9.4.02018 January 
9.3.12018 January 
9.3.02017 December 
9.2.02017 November 
9.1.02017 October 
9.0.02017 October 
8.1.02017 October 
8.0.02017 September 
7.0.02017 April 
6.0.02017 February 
5.0.02016 November 
4.0.02016 August 
3.0.02016 August 

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