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Specialising in developing and supporting productivity tools for the Microsoft Office platform including Excel, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint. Established in 2001 and based in London, we work alongside small and medium size businesses creating solutions tailored to individual needs. Contact Us

Excel Solutions

Excel Solutions

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable Microsoft Office solution provider, we have all the knowledge and experience to help you do more. We work closely with businesses from a wide range of different sectors so whether you have 1 user or 5,000 we have the solution for you. No project is too small because we work with individuals on personal projects as well as research and development ideas.

Excel Add-ins

Complex formulas, worksheet functions, dashboards, chart generation, auditing, pivot tables, copying charts and tables to documents and presentations

Excel Macros

Book-keeping, accounting, auditing, analysis, integrating web services, database requests, protection, templates, access integration

Outlook Solutions

Outlook Solutions

If you are starting from scratch we can make recommendations and help you document and understand your requirements. Should you need a small amendment, a new ribbon interface or a complete re-write, we have the capability to deliver all your office automation solutions. We have experience with the following: VBA, VSTO, VBA calling C#, C# calling VBA and Office Interop using .NET languages.

Outlook Macros

Address management, contact integration, pst files, calendars, forms, rules, exporting, forwarding, message tracking

Outlook Add-ins

Email signature templates, infopath integration, upgrades, office 365 migration, archiving, attachments, file management

Word Solutions

Word Solutions

If you need all your documents, presentations and workbooks to look consistent why not get them improved at the same time. Having fast and easy access to all your templates will save you time and help enforce your corporate communication. If you need extra functionality or are upgrading then let us migrate your templates, to ensure it goes smoothly. We have all the expertise and resources to help you get the most out of Microsoft Office.

Word Add-ins

Templates, stationary, bill, invoice, landscape sections, letters, memos, invoices, proposals, corporate branding, logo/division switching, tagging, classification

Word Templates

Protection, sensitive information, style management, open office xml, multiple columns, watermarks, contract documentation, legal documentation, financial research

PowerPoint Solutions

PowerPoint Solutions

If you want to get a competitive advantage then having a single interface for all your customisations will save you time and money. Let us consolidate all your automation methods into a single add-in for easy distribution. Our business model has been created specifically to design, assemble and deliver professional add-ins. Contact us if you have a project in mind and let us demonstrate our enthusiasm and passion for finding Microsoft Office solutions.

PowerPoint Templates

Rebranding, placeholder positioning, chart generation, data manipulation, animation, slide management, themes

PowerPoint Add-ins

Screenshow presentations, printed material, table of contents, newsletters, pitches, PDF generation, training and documentation

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Contact Us

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