Microsoft Office Resources 
analystcave.comAnalyst Cave
andrewsexceltips.netAndrew Engwirda, Beginner and Intermediate Excel tips.
andypope.infoAndy Pope, Very useful resource of unique solutions to problems using Excel.
appspro.comRob Bovey, Application Professionals, Creating business solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies. The Application Professional's website offers a number of FREE utilities that are particularly useful to Excel developers.
arixcel.comAnna Arianova
asap-utilities.comBastien Mensink, ASAP Utilities, Great website providing a FREE time saving excel add-in.
ashishmathur.comAshish Mathur, Excel Enthusiasts, Lots of examples of work in Excel. Feel free to visit his website and post your questions.
atlaspm.comTom Urtis Miric
automateexcel.comSteve Rynearson, Automate Excel,
blog.excelgeek.comEric Hunzeker, The Excel Geek posts and shares examples of the VBA and non-VBA based Excel solutions that he's developed to solve unique problems. Can't find the solution you're looking for? He'll also write custom solutions on request. 
bradedgar.comBrad Edgar
chandoo.orgPurna Duggirala, Learn and share excel tips, charting tutorials, visualization ideas, downloadable excel tutorials. It has a great blog and 300+ tutorials, examples and downloadable workbooks for you.
clearlyandsimply.comRobert Mundigl
code-vb.comMark Uildriks, VB and VBA Coding tools. 
computergaga.comAlan Murray
contextures.comDebra Dalgleish, Contextures designs and supports customised Microsoft Office applications, using Excel, Access and Word. Contextures website features Excel tips and tutorials.
cpearson.comChip Pearson, Pearson Software Consulting, Provides expert Excel and Visual Basic programming to businesses and individuals around the world. Solutions include simple workbooks, templates and databases.
dailydoseofexcel.comDick Kusleika, Daily Dose of Excel is a blog that presents information about Microsoft Excel and VBA. Daily posts describe features, functions, and solve problems. The level of difficulty varies with each post, but users of all levels will find useful information.
datapigtechnologies.comMike Alexander
datascopic.netOz Du Soleil 
ddmcomputing.comDaniel Maramba, DDM Computing, Tips and Tricks for all the Microsoft Office products.
decisionmodels.comCharles Williams
deskbright.comSam McIntire
djicomputer.comDJI Computer Solutions, Excel add-ins for Golf Handicap, Check book, Tax and Scheduling including software for Palm OS.
dhexcel1.wordpress.comDavid Hager, Excel For You
dmcritchie.mvps.orgDavid McRitchie, My Excel Pages, Macro solutions as building blocks with usage notes to help both beginners and advanced users. Documentation Aids, Backup and Recovery, Colour Palette, Conditional Formatting, Event Macros, Response Time Considerations, Generating HTML. 
easy-excel.comAudun Danielson, Easy Excel, Lots of easy to learn techniques with an emphasis on solving problems without using too many array formulas or VBA. (Norway)
erlandsendata.noOle P. Erlandsen, Erlandsen Data Consulting, Excel, VBA Tips, Examples and Downloads. Excel/Office Consultancy and Solution Development. FREE Excel workbook password recovery tool.
eusprig.orgEuropean Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group, EuSpRIG is an interest group of academia and industry promoting research regarding the extent and nature of spreadsheet risks, methods of prevention and detection of errors and methods of limiting damage. They have an annual conference which shares experience with a broad range of researchers, practitioners and recognised leaders in the field of spreadsheet research.
excel.tvRick Grantham 
excelabo.netMisange (Florence Cabon), An excellent French website dedicated to Excel and VBA. A dedicated search engine indexes over 1500 Q and A including 300 unprotected Excel files to download. Contributions have been made by over 200 people mostly from the newsgroup Microsoft.Public.Excel.Fr, including several MVP's. 
excelbyjoe.comJoe Z
excelcampus.comJon Acampora
excelchamps.comPuneet Gogia
excelcharts.comJorge Camoes
excel-easy.comNiels Weterings, Excel Easy is a clean looking site with over 300 useful articles for Excel and VBA. (Amsterdam). Allington
excelexchange.comMichael Apostolou, Excel Exchange, FREE Microsoft Excel tutorials, hints and tips.
excel-exercise.comFrederic Le Guen
excelexposure.comBenjamin Currier
excelfunctions.netExcel Functions, Great website with lots of VBA tutorials and code.
excelguru.caKen Puls, A focus on automation of Excel and using it with other Office applications.
excel-inside.proMaxim Zelensky
excel-it.comJ and R Excel Solutions, Excellent website providing lots of examples, lessons and downloadable workbooks as well as a FREE Internet Explorer toolbar.
excelitems.comExcel Items,
exceljet.netDavid and Lisa Bruns
excelmatters.comRory Archibald Wyatt, FREE weekly newsletter containing tips and tricks.
excelsupersite.comBrian Krisanski
exceltables.comZack Barresse and Kevin Jones
exceltip.comJoseph Rubin, Excel Tip, Free Excel tips, tutorials and Help.
excel-university.comJeff Lenning
excelunplugged.comGasper Kamensek
exceluser.comCharley Kyd, Excel User, The online resource for business users of Microsoft Excel. This site provides a range of articles, spreadsheets and tips. 
fontstuff.comMartin Green, Office Tips, Tutorials and Tips for Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, Frontpage and VBA.
functionx.comFunction X, Tutorials and examples on how to use Excel and experiment with it. 
i-nth.comIan O'Donoghue, Helps you make better spreadsheets, so you can make better decisions. The focus is on spreadsheet good practice and testing, to ensure reliability and robustness. 
jkp-ads.comJan Karel Pieterse, JKP Application Development Services, Providing Microsoft Office application development including the very popular Name Manager utility to help you work with named ranges. This website is in Dutch as well as English.
likeoffice.comErez Baran, LikeOffice is devoted to developing Excel applications targeting to encourage users to think of using this technology as they use any other tool. We provide FREE Excel Utility Toolbar that has unique and powerful capabilities, mainly database related.
mathsfiles.comMike Hadden, Free Excel based educational resources for maths teachers and students, Excel training and consultancy, demos and links. Mead, Practical help with Excel spreadsheet functions, charts and hyperlinks. Tips on designing and testing reliable spreadsheets and examples of programs to export worksheet data to web pages and XML files. 
mrexcel.comBill Jelen, Weekly tips and solutions for users.
myexcelonlineJohn Michaloudis
myonlinetraininghub.comPhil and Mynda Treacy
mztools.comCarlos Quintero, Add-ins for VBA and Visual Studio providing you with useful productivity tools. Bullen, Office Automation, Specialising in Excel and Access development. Martin Seifert
officefrustration.comOffice Frustration, This is a web interface to the popular Microsoft Office series of newgroups.
optionexplicitvba.comJordan Goldmeier
ozgrid.comDave and Raina Hawley, OzGrid Business Applications, Professional Microsoft Excel consultant offering services in all aspects of Excel and VBA. Templates, add-ins, training, business software and a FREE Excel Forum.
peltiertech.comJon Peltier, Peltier Technical Services, Providing innovative solutions to data presentation and interactivity issues. This site contains instructions for making charts in Excel, ranging from easy to advanced, including standard and enhanced charts. 
powerusersoftware.comPower User is a powerful add-in to save hours on Excel and PowerPoint. Quickly format numbers and currencies, clean formulas, find and unmerge cells, remove empty cells in a range to "stack" cells up and even create beautiful Mekko charts. PowerPoint functionality includes a rich library of templates, icons, diagrams and advanced charts. 
rondebruin.nlRon de Bruin, Lots of useful Excel tips including how to send emails from within Excel. 
sergeig888.wordpress.comAn interesting Excel blog and also the creator of XLStylesTool.
skphub.comShyam Pillai, Office Tips has lots of VBA code especially for PowerPoint. 
spreadsheeto.comKasper and Mikkel
spreadsheetpage.comJohn Walkenbach, The Spreadsheet Page, Great website containing lots of Excel and VBA tips.
spreadsheetstudio.orgJoe McDaid
sumproduct.comLiam Bastick 
theofficecontext.comDavid Craig
thesmallman.comMarcus Small 
thespreadsheetguru.comChris Newman 
trumpexcel.comSumit Bansal
vbaexpress.comAnne Troy, Forum dedicated to VBA and contains lots of useful source code. 
vertex42.comJon Wittwer, The Excel Nexus, An extensive directory of Excel links and some specific Excel templates and articles. 
xl.barasch.comAlan Barasch, Guide to Microsoft Excel. A collection of macros, functions and formulas.

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