Get and Transform

In Excel 2013 and 2010 this functionality was made available by installing the Power Query add-in.
This tab also changed in the 2017 March Update


Get Data - (Changed in 2017 March). Drop-Down. Discover, connect and combine data from multiple sources. The drop-down includes the commands: From File, From Database, From Azure, From Online Services (New), From Other Sources, Combine Queries, Launch Query Editor (New), Data Source Settings and Query Options.
From Text/CSV - (Added in 2017 March).
From Web - (Added in 2017 March).
From Table/Range - (Renamed in 2017 March). Create a new query linked to the selected table. If the selected range is not part of a table, it will be converted into a table.
Recent Sources Manage and connect to recent sources.
Existing Connections (Added in 2017).

Refresh All -
Queries & Connections -
Edit Links -

These data import and transformation features are available in other products and fall under a general term which is known as Power Query.
The functionality that is available in this group can be divided into four categories:
*) Connect - retrieve data that is saved locally, accessible via a service or in the cloud
*) Transform - shape the data based on your specific requirements
*) Combine - create a data model from multiple sources
*) Share - save and share your finished query

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