(Print tab, Draft output) - Prints this document with minimal formatting, which may make the document faster to print.
(Print tab, Allow A4/Letter paper resizing) - Automatically adjusts the documents formatting to use the default paper size for that country.
(Print tab, Background printing) - Prints documents in the background, which lets you continue working in Word while you print a document.
(Print tab, Drawing objects - Word will include all drawing objects when printing. If not selected a blank box will appear in place of each drawing object.

Outline Level

The Outline Level of a paragraph has nothing to do with outline numbering
The Outline level refers to the Heading level - ie the level at which the paragraph will appear in Outline view.
This is the property that you see in the Format > Paragraph dialog box under Outline Level.

All Built-in heading styles have an outline level.
Level 1 - for main heading - Heading 1
Level 2 - for a sub heading - Heading 2
This is the difference between Heading styles and all other styles
If you create your own heading styles they too will have outline levels.
A heading style is any style that has an Outline Level between 1 and 9.
If a style is not a heading style then is has an Outline Level of Body Text.
In the case of numbered headings ?? The outline level and list level of the paragraph

Footnotes and Endnotes

These are notes of reference, explanation or comment. A word in the main text can be marked with a footnote or endnote reference mark.
Footnotes appear on the same page as the text they explain. Endnotes reside at the end of each chapter (Insert > Footnote, Next)
Number - 2 options / AutoNumber / Custom Mark
If you want to change the location of your footnotes / endnotes, number format, starting number, or numbering system (continuous, resart each section, restart each page) click on Options.

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