There are seven tabs initially but additional tabs can be displayed depending on your personal Word Options.
These tabs will look different depending on how wide your Word application window is. Every tab is divided into "groups" and the name of these groups is displayed at the bottom.
As you make your application window wider, more and more of the commands will be displayed until eventually every command from every group is visible.
In addition to these seven tabs there are also additional contextual tabs which automatically appear depending on what is currently selected.

You can hide the ribbon by using the arrow in the top right corner or double click on a tab.
You can also press (Ctrl + F1)

Dialog Box Launcher

Quickly access a full range of options through the familiar dialog boxes
If you see a small icon next to any group click it to display a dialog box containing more options

Contextual Tabs

These appear automatically when you select certain objects

Mini Toolbar

Live Preview


easily pick from preformatted options applicable to tables, pictures, textboxes

Zoom and View

change views and easily zoom in and out

ScreenTips on Toolbars

(Tools > Customise) (Options tab)
Make sure you have the "Show shortcut keys in ScreenTip" checkbox selected
Now when you move your mouse over a toolbar command the corresponding shortcut key will also be displayed.

Printing all the Shortcut Keys

It is possible to obtain a list of all the shortcut keys from within Word itself.
Select (Tools > Macro > Macros)
Change the Macros in drop-down box to "Word commands"
Select ListCommands in the list and select Run.
This will display the List Commands dialog box.
Select "Current Menu and Keyboard Settings"
Press OK
Select (File > Print)

Function Key Display

There is actually a separate toolbar that will display all the available shortcut keys.
Select (Tools > Customise)(Toolbars tab) and choose to display the "Function Key Display" toolbar

This will display an additional toolbar that will indicate the basic function key commands and will adjust accordingly when you press the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys.

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