Quick Access Toolbar

You can only customise Quick Access Toolbar in 2007 if you startfromscratch = true

This is a customisable toolbar that you can place either above or below the Ribbon.
This is designed to give you quick access to the commands you use most frequently.
You can add any built-in command to this toolbar or any control that an add-in has added to the Ribbon.
You cannot modify this toolbar programatically but end users can modify it manually.
If a user adds a command that an add-in has added to the Ribbon this command will not be automatically removed when the add-in is uninstalled however the command will no longer work.

Add the tools/commands you most use and access them no matter what tab is currently displayed
right click on a ribbon tool and click add to QAT.

These commands are always visible allowing you to add your favourite commands
can be displayed either above or below the tabs

Ribbon tabs - click on any tab to display the corresponding group and commands

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