Building Blocks

Building Blocks / Quick Parts - let you recycle and reuse content from your documents
This can be used for text or graphics

To save content as a building block
(Insert > Text)(Quick Parts > Save selection to Quick Part Gallery)

For adding pre-formatted content, defaults to being saved in BuildingBlocks.dotx
These are new to 2007.

Building Blocks Organizer.

Examples of useful stuff to use this feature for:
- Company's missions statement
- Company logo
- Active client list
- Short biographies of staff


You can add your reusuable content to a large number of different galleries
AutoText -
Bibliographies -
Cover Pages -
Equations - Insert Tab, Symbols group
Footers - Insert Tab, Header & Footer group
Headers - Insert Tab, Header & Footer group
Page Numbers - Insert tab, Text group
Quick Parts - Insert tab, Text group
Table of Contents -
Tables - Insert tab, Tables group
Text Boxes - Insert tab, Text group
Watermarks -
Custom -

Built-in Building Blocks.dotx

This exists and is automatically created in Word 2013.
If you delete the file then displaying the building block organizer will recreate the file.
Building Blocks.dotx
Built-in Building Blocks.dotx (Added in 2013) (3MB)

If the Building Blocks.dotx file exists but doesn't contain any Building Blocks then you are unable to add any to this file as the template does not appear in the "Create new building block" - save in drop-down

Building Blocks.dotx

This is the default location for the building block organizer
This template contains parts of the documents that can be reused
All custom building blocks are stored in one of the following three templates
Building Blocks.dotx -
Normal.dotm -
Another Custom Template -

Word 2013 - C:\Users\"username"\AppData\roaming\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\1033\
Word 2010 -
Word 2007 - C:\Documents and Settings\"username"\Application Data\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\1033\

Quick Parts

This is a gallery that is displayed when you click on the Quick Parts drop-down

AutoText - (Added in 2010)
Document Property - Displays a list of document properties you can insert into your document
Field -
Building Blocks Organizer -
Get more on Office Online - (Removed in 2010)
Save selection to Quick Part Gallery -

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