You can insert bookmarks into your document to help navigate around and they leave no visible marks in your text. To add a bookmark, select (Insert > Bookmark) and click "Add". To jump to an existing bookmark press F5 and type the name
Bookmark names can only be one work so you don't have to insert quotation marks when inserting them into fields
When inserting bookmarks you cannot include spaces

Highlight the text and create the corresponding bookmark to be able to refer to that text from another part of the document.

Bookmarks are markers you can place anywhere in a document to identify a location or text you have selected
Word uses automatic bookmarks inorder to create the Index, Contents etc.
You can use bookmarks to build formulas that include references to numbers elsewhere in the document; Blocks of text are surrounded by square brackets.
There is a limit to the number of chars and some characters that are not allowed

A bookmark is just a selection with a name.
Bookmarks have two uses:
They can mark a place in a document
You can use it to move directly to a pre-defined location

Word gives you several methods for looking at and using bookmarks.
Every bookmark is a selection with a name and you often refer to what a bookmark contains.
The ability to cover text with a bookmark is important in manual navigation
(Edit > GoTo)

Bookmarks are also useful when working with macros.

To create a bookmark put your cursor inside your document and select (Insert > Bookmark)
Type in the name you want to use and click Add.

Bookmarks are displayed as being contained in large gray square brackets

You can tell that there's a bookmark in your document but you can't easily tell which one it is.
Worse if bookmark overlap you can't tell where one starts and the other one ends.

Use binolcous on the standard toolbar to display theEdit > GoTo dialog box.

Changing the Contents

This is actually more difficult than you might think.
If you type at the beginning of a bookmark, whatever you type is added to the bookmark. The bookmark is expanded to hold the new contents.
If you type at the end of the bookmark, whatever you type is not added to the contents of the bookmark. The bookmark does not expand to include the new contents.
Whenever you make any changes to bookmark make sure you display the bookmark square brackets
(Tools > Options)(View tab, "Bookmarks")

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