A hyperlink is created by using a hyperlink field, eg {HYPERLINK \I "Bookmark name"}. Hyperlinks are displayed in blue-underlined. When you print the blue and underlined is visible and can make your document hard to read.
Beware that hyperlinks are fields are do not behave the same as normal text, see fields section for more details
You can change the format of your hyperlinks to something other than blue and underlined. (Format > Style), choose "all styles" and change the style named "hyperlink". You may also wish to change the style named "followed hyperlink" as this is the format after a link has been clicked. At the bottom of the Modify Style dialog box be sure to check the "Add to template"
There is a hyperlink IntelliSense program which is meant to identify website addresses and e-mail addresses and create hyperlinks. These are shown in blue and underlined. Printing documents with hyperlinks never print very well. The actual address is converted to a special hyperlink field. As you knoe fields do not behave like normal text. Get rid of this Tools > AutoCorrect then on the Autoformat as you type tab uncheck "Internet & Network paths with hyperlinks.
When you do want to insert a hyperlink click the Create Hyperlink button on the main (standard) toolbar
Hyperlinks inseted directly into a document protected as a form are unavailable to the user. But they can be placed in a Macro Button Field as the display text, and one one can be used to follow all hyperlinks. {MacroButton FollowHLink "http://www.bettersolutions.com"}
To turn these off go to (Tools > AutoCorrect) (Auto format tab) and deselect "Internet & network paths with hyperlinks ". If the feature is switched on any website address which you type in has a hyperlink associated with it so that if clicked will take you directly to that particular website in Internet Explorer.
It is possible to keep hyperlinks within a PDF file. Highlight the text and name a bookmark, Select the text to link (ie link description). (Insert > Hyperlink) second box, browse to the appropriate bookmark)

Hyperlinks are not Fields

They may look like field but they are not.
This gives the impression that hyperlinks are created using a HYPELINK field.

Display the field code (Tools > Options)(View tab, "Field Codes")

  • Manually changing the name of the file or link will not change the hyperlink.

  • The text can be easily edited

There is no way to manually change your hyperlinks you must use the Edit Hyperlink dialog box.

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