Shortcut Keys

This is a list of all the shortcut keys related to fields.

Ctrl + F9Inserts an empty field { }
F9Updates all the fields
F11Go to the next visible field
Shift + F11Go to the previous visible field
Shift + F9Toggles between displaying the field code and the fields results for the current cursor location
Ctrl + F11Locks a field - prevents a field from updating until you unlock it
Ctrl + Shift + F11Unlocks a field - enables a locked field to be updated again
Ctrl + Shift + F9Unlinks the fields in the selection
Ctrl + Shift + F7Updates selected text in another document that is linked to the current document by an Include Text field
Alt + Shift F9Performs the action, used with Macrobutton to GotoButton fields
Alt + Shift + "D"Inserts a date field with the default format "mm/dd/yy"
Alt + Shift + "P"Inserts a page field
Alt + Shift + "T"Inserts a time field with default format "mm:hh PM/AM"
Alt + F9Toggles field codes in the entire document
Alt + Ctrl + "L"Create a ListNum field
Alt + Shift + "O"Inserts a Table of Contents
Alt + Shift + "X"Inserts an Index

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