Alphabetical A - M

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ADDRESSBLOCKInserts a mail merge address block.
ADVANCEOffsets the starting point of text to a specific horizontal or vertical position.
ASKPrompts you to enter information and assigns a bookmark to represent your response.
AUTHORInserts the Name from the (File > Properties) dialog box.
AUTONUMNumbers paragraphs sequentially.
AUTONUMLGLAutomatically numbers paragraphs in legal format.
AUTONUMOUTAutomatically numbers paragraphs in outline style.
AUTOTEXTInserts an auto text entry.
AUTOTEXTLISTCreates a drop-down list based on AutoText entries in the active template.
BARCODEInserts a postal bar code which is equivalent to a zip code.
BIDIOUTLINESets outline to right to left for bi-directional languages such as Hebrew and Arabic
COMMENTSInserts the Contents from the (File > Properties) dialog box
COMPARECompares two values and displays 1 if the comparison is true and 0 if false
CREATEDATEInserts the date and time a document was first saved with its current name
DATABASEInserts the results of a database query in a Word table
DATEInserts the current date
DDEEstablishes a dynamic data exchange (DDE) link with a document created in another Microsoft Windows-based program
DDEAUTOEstablishes a dynamic data exchange (DDE) link with a document created in another Microsoft Windows-based program
DOCPROPERTYDisplays the contents of a document property
DOCVARIABLEDisplay the contents of a document variable
EDITTIMEInserts the total editing time in minutes
EMBEDInserts an object created in another application that supports OLE
EQCreates a scientific equation
FILENAMEInserts the file name of the document (optional folder path).
FILESIZEInserts the size of a file
FILL-INPrompts you for text, which is printed in place of the field
GOTOBUTTONJumps to a specific location in a document when pressed
GREETINGLINEInserts a mail merge greeting line
HYPERLINKInserts a hot spot allowing you to move/jump to another location
IFCompares two values and then inserts the text appropriate to the result of the comparison
INCLUDEPICTUREInserts a specified graphic
INCLUDETEXTInserts the text or graphic contained in the named document
INDEXBuilds and inserts an index
INFOInserts the ? from the (File > Properties) dialog box
KEYWORDSInserts the Keywords from the (File > Properties) dialog box
LASTSAVEDBYInserts the name of the last person that modified and saved a document
LINKLinks information in a document to its original source file using OLE
LISTNUMInserts a set of numbers anywhere in a paragraph and can be included in both simple and outline numbered lists
MACROBUTTONRuns a macro when pressed
MERGEFIELDInserts a mail merge field
MERGERECInserts the number of the current merge record
MERGESEQCounts the number of records merged and numbers them sequentially starting with 1, regardless what record numbers are actually being merged