HYPERLINK "FileName" [Switches]

A hyperlink is a "hot spot" that allows you to jump to another location.

filenameThe destination you want to jump to
\lSpecifies the location to which Word should jump to, often a bookmark.
\mCreates the hyperlink in the form of an HTML 2.0 image map.
\nOpens a new window for the hyperlinked file when it opens
\oEnables you to specify text in quotation marks for a screen tip.
\tSelects a frame target for the hyperlink
This should be done using (Insert > Hyperlink).
\t "_top"
\t "_self"
\t "_blank"
\t "_parent"

* This is not a True Field and does not behave like a field.
* There is no way to manually change your hyperlinks you must use the Edit Hyperlink dialog box.
* If the location includes a long file name with spaces, enclose it in quotation marks.
* Replace single backslashes with double backslashes to specify the path, for example: C:\\My Documents\\Manual.doc
* The default (without the switch specified) is Page Default (none).
* The location can include another file on your hard disk or company's network (such as a Microsoft Word document or a Microsoft Excel worksheet), an Internet address (such as http://www.microsoft.com), or a location such as a bookmark or slide.
* The field includes display text, which is often blue and underlined, that the user clicks to jump to the specified location.
* You can insert hyperlinks by clicking the Hyperlink command on the Insert menu.
* For Internet addresses, include the protocol and the same syntax as the URL, for example: http://www.microsoft.com/ie/msie.htm, and "mailto:someone@microsoft.com".
* Clicking the blue text opens the worksheet called Budget.xls in the My Documents folder. The hyperlink display text is "1997 Budget" and isn't included in the field syntax. You can edit the display text for the field by typing over it.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com


{ HYPERLINK "C:\\My Documents\\report.doc" }
{ HYPERLINK "C:\\My Documents\\report.doc" \l bookmark }
"The project's budget is final. Click { HYPERLINK "C:\\My Documents\\budget.xls" } for more information"

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