Removing Personal Information

It is possible to remove certain bits of personal information for example the name of the reviewer or the author.
You can remove the following types of personal information:
1) File Properties
2) Names associated with comments (i.e. the reviewer's name).
3) Routing Slips
4) Author names associated with versions.
Select (Tools > Options)(Security tab, "Remove personl information from file properties on save").
When this option is used the author's name is changed to "Author".

Removing Hidden Information

A word document can also contain certain bits of hidden information.
If you use the Versions feature in Word this information is saved as hidden information.
For exampe the version number or any changes recorded by the Fast save option.
This information might be visible if the document is saved in another file format.


The (Tools > Spelling) feature will not work in a protected section of a document.
When you protect a document any normal hyperlinks are lost although you can create a similar effect using the macrobutton and unprotecting the document selecting the bookmark and then protecting the document again.

You can protect different parts of your document by selecting (Tools > Protection)

How can I protect a document ?

There are a number of ways you can protect your documents:
Requiring a password when you open or modify a document
Opening the document as read-only recommendation.
Prevent users from changing forms
Only allowing comments and changes which are tracked.
Protecting the formatting elements of a document
Adding a digital signature to your VBA project.

Once you have finished your document you can:
1) Mark the document as final (ie read only)
2) Restrict editing only to authorised users
3) Add an invisible digitla signature

When a document is protected

when you open a document that is protected the following commands are automatically disabled:
SS - Tools drop-down

Tools > Templates and Add-ins
Tools > Track Changes
Tools > Autosummarise
Edit > Links

When a document is protected the region that you can edit is shaded grey.

When a document is unprotected

user setting to shade the editable regions is shaded yellow
"Highlight the regions I can edit"

can we protect a document so that just the margins are protected
can you protect just a section break

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