Formatting Restrictions

When formatting is restricted all the relevant commands and shortcut keys are unavailable.

Select (Tools > Protect Document)
This will display the Protect Document task pane
Tick the "limit formatting to a selection of styles" checkbox

Click on Settings
This displays the "Formatting Restrictions" dialog box.

This enables you to select the styles that you will allow to be used in the document.
In this example are only going to select 3 styles: Body Text, Heading 1 and Heading 2
Once the styles are selected, press OK.
The following prompt will appear if your document uses any styles that you did not select.

These changes will not be effective until you click on the "Yes, Start Enforcing Protection" button.
This will display the "Start Enforcing Protection" dialog box.

This allows you to add a password if necessary.

A quick way to tell if any type of protection is in place is to display the Protect Document task pane

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