What is an Outline Level ?

You can specify outline levels for individual blocks of text
You should use Outline levels in addition to using styles not as an alternative.

Outline Levels

This can also be changed from the (Format > Paragraph)(Indents and Spacing tab).
As well as using Styles in your documents you can also use Outlines.
You can specify outline levels for individual blocks of text and Word can use those outline levels in a number of useful features.

Displays just the headings and subheadings in a document, providing organisation structure.
Useful when you are reorganising the content or moving sections etc.
Link (Outlining > Outline View)
Outlines can help you structure your document using "Heading" styles.
(View > Outline)


"Outline view" displays the logical structure letting you drag headings and reorganise quickly.
The view is very useful for large documents (20+ pages)

Switches to outline view, in which you can examine and work with the structure of your file in classic outline form. Work in outline view when you need to organize and develop the content of your file.

To adjust the starting page number (Insert > Page Numbers)(Format button) You can either set the starting number or continue from the previous section. You can also change the number format and / or include chapter numbers.
If you alter the position of the margins when no text is selected then your alterations will only affect the paragraph that the insertion point is currently in
You can double click the little rectangle just above the top vertical scroll bar and this will split your screen horizontally (Window > Split), double clicking the boundary bar will remove the split (Window > Remove Split).
It is possible to have a border around a whole page (Format > Borders and Shading) (Page Border tab) If you switch to Page Layout view (View > Page Layout) it should be displayed
If you always work with the View percentage on 100% (or even 110%) you can probably see both edges of the page (in page-layout view). In this case you may want to remove the horizontal scroll bar to display another line of text (Tools > Options)(View tab, "Horizontal scrollbar").
You won't need to see the Rulers most of the time, so remove them (View)(uncheck Rulers). When you do need a ruler hover your cursor just below the grey area at the top and the ruler will slide out. Do you gain an extra line ??
Always have the status bar displayed at the bottom as it shows you key information such as the total number of pages, section number etc
You can change the units displayed on your ruler from (Tools > Options) (General tab measurement units)
To get detailed measurements on your ruler click on a tab or margin marker on the ruler and press both mouse buttons. The normal ruler is replaced with a distance ruler.

To preserve the layout of your document some markup elements (insertions, deletions, formatting changes, comments) appear in the text of the document. It displays others in balloons that appear in the margin.

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