Mail merge is the process of creating custom documents that combine unique information with standard text.
This allows you to customise your documents individually.
To perform a successful mail merge you need to have two things:
Main Document - This contains the text that you want to remain constant. This document also contains instructions about which parts of text to change, these are called merge fields.
Data Source - This contains the text that changes from one document to the next. You data source can be a variety of different things including: a table in a Word document, Outlook address book, Access database, CSV file.

Advantages of using a Mail Merge

Creating a Mail Merge

(Tools > Letters and Mailings > Mail Merge)

microsoft excel docs

Using the Mail Merge Wizard

Using the Mail Merge Toolbar

Display it in the usual way as well as (Tools > Letters and Mailings > Show Mail Merge Toolbar

microsoft excel docs

Unable to Perform Mail Merge

It is not possible to perform a mail merge with a document that has been protected.
The only exception is that you can mail merge a document that has only been protected for Tracked Changes.

Contents of Form Fields are Lost

The contents of any form fields in your document will be lost when you execute step 4 of the mail merge wizard.

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