A paragraph contains one or more characters and a paragraph mark.

Enter Text

You enter text into a document just start typing.
The text will appear at the Insertion Point, which is wherever the cursor is currently positioned.
There is no need to press Enter at the end of every line unless you want to start a new paragraph.
If the sentence is going to run onto a new line, let it as the text will automatically wrap to the end of the line.
There is no restriction on the amount of text that can be entered into a document
Before you can insert and delete text from your document you must move the insertion point to the correct place.

Moving the Insertion Point

1) Using the mouse (left button).
2) A character at a time (left and right arrow keys)
3) A word at a time (Ctrl left and right arrow keys)
4) A line at a time (up and down arrows)
5) A paragraph at a time (Ctrl up and down arrow keys)

Overtyping Text

It is possible to type over existing text, replacing the old text with the new text in one operation
SS - OVR status bar

The quickest way to delete text is to select it and press Delete. To select a word click on it twice. To select a sentence click at the start and drag the mouse over the text, To select a paragraph click on it three times

Deleting Text

Pressing Backspace will delete text to the left of the current insertion point.
Pressing Delete will delete text to the right of the current insertion point.
To delete a large selection of text highlight it first and then press Delete.

Using a Spike

You can cut and paste multiple selection in one go by using what is called a "spike", pressing (Ctrl + F3) will add an entry to the spike and (Ctrl + Shift + F3) will paste the multiple selections entries on the spike.

Sample Text

To insert some sample text into a document type "=rand(4,5)" then Enter. The first number is the number of paragraphs and the second number is the number of sentences.

Text can be hidden and this will appear with red dotted lines underneath it in Page Layout view.

Text can be easily dragged and dropped. Select the text hold down the right mouse button and drop. Always include the paragraph mark in your selection

To move selected text between windows drag it to another window, to copy it hold down Ctrl as you drag

If you think Word is behaving strangely when you select, drag and drop text it is worth checking your settings (Tools > Options) (Edit tab). For more information on the individual settings see the General section at the front

Line Numbering

You can insert line numbers next to your paragraphs if you want to restrict the number of lines. Highlight the text (File > Page Setup)(Layout tab), click line numbers and select "Add Line Numbering"

Zero with a slash through it

(Insert > Field)
In the Field Names box click "Eq"
Click Field code (towards the bottom of the dialog box)
do not click the Equation Editor
In the Field Codes box type EQ \o(0,/)
click OK
Now select the slashed zero, right click and then click Toggle Field Codes.
Remove the extra space after the right parenthesis
right click again and press Toggle Field Codes (yes again!)

Going forward for next time it would be better to create an AutoCorrect entry for this.
Select the symbol in your document.
(Tools > AutoCorrect Options)
In the Replace box type whatever combinations you want Word to use to turn into a slashed zero.
Click OK

SS - Home tab, Paragraph group

Widow / Orphan control ??
If you are writing text to fit on one page and one or two sentences full on to the next page you can use the "Shrink to fit" feature to fit it onto one page. Always save a backup copy before doing this as there is no easy way to undo
You can easily select the paragraph mark along with the paragraph by pressing Ctrl while you double click the paragraph

Creating New Paragraphs

A new paragraph is created every time you press Enter
Pressing Enter creates a paragraph with exactly the same Formatting Paragraphs as the one before it.

What is the Insertion Point ?

There is no need to add extra carriage returns before or after your paragraphs in order to space out your paragraphs Adjust the paragraph spacing above and below (Format > Paragraph)(Indents and Spacing tab)

When you press Enter, the new paragraph inherits all the formatting from the previous paragraph.


Every time you press Enter you are creating a new paragraph.
A paragraph contains one or more characters including a paragraph mark.
What do you type to enter some example text ?? / Random ??

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