ASK bookmark "prompt" [switches]

Displays a dialog box requesting the user to enter some information.

bookmarkThe name of the bookmark to be assigned to the response.
promptThe text to appear in the dialog box.
\dIndicates the value to appear in the dialog box when it appears.
\oIndicates to display the prompt only once.

* Prompts you to enter information and assigns a bookmark to represent your response. You must insert a REF or BOOKMARK field after this field where you want Microsoft Word to print the response in the document. You can use the information entered in other fields to compute a bookmark value - such as an = (Formula field) - by inserting the bookmark name in the other field's instructions.
* The "prompt" is normally a question.
* The "\o" switch is applicable in a mail merge document.
* The value given as a response is stored in the necessary bookmark and then be used in fields and macros.
* Using the "\o" switch in a mail merge will mean that the first response is inserted into each new record.
* If you don't specify a default response, Word uses the last response entered. To specify a blank entry as the default, type empty quotation marks after the switch; for example, (\d "" ).
* Insert the ASK fields, and then insert the IF field in the main document. In the Field dialog box, click a name in the Field names box as a temporary placeholder, and leave the Compare to box empty. In the IF field codes replace the merge field with the CurrentRate bookmark. Type the name of the second bookmark between the quotation marks after the "<" symbol. If the second bookmark value contains only numbers, as in this example, delete the quotation marks.
* The first ASK field includes the field switch \o, which is inserted if you select the Prompt before merging bookmark text check box in the Field dialog box. The number you enter for CurrentRate is used in all of the resulting merged documents. The second prompt is displayed for each merged data record.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ ASK FullName "Please enter your name ?" \d "Russell Proctor" \* MERGEFORMAT}
{ ASK Typist "Enter typist's initials:" \d "tds" } assigns "tds" to the bookmark "Typist" if you don't enter a response.
{ ASK CurrentRate "Enter the current lending rate:" \o }
{ ASK LoanRate "Enter the current loan rate for { MERGEFIELD ClientName }:" }

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