DDE appname filename [placereference]

Establishes a dynamic data exchange (DDE) link with a document created in another Microsoft Windows-based program.

appname The name of another program that supports DDE.
filename The name of a file or other item that is recognizable by the AppName program.
placereferenceAn optional - A portion of the specified file or item, such as a range of cells in a Microsoft Excel workbook or a bookmark in a Word document.

* When new information becomes available in a linked document, a DDE field inserts new information when you update the field.
* A DDEAUTO field automatically inserts new information as soon as it is available.
* If Microsoft Word cannot establish the link when it attempts to update a DDE or DDEAUTO field, the previous result is retained.
* If the location includes a long file name with spaces, enclose it in quotation marks.
* Replace single backslashes with double backslashes to specify the path, for example: C:\\My Documents\\Manual.doc



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