INCLUDETEXT "filename" [bookmark] [switches]

Inserts the text and graphics contained in the named document.

filenameThe name and location of the document
If the location includes a long file name with spaces, enclose it in quotation marks
Replace single backslashes with double backslashes to specify the path, for example: "C:\\My Documents\\Manual.doc"
bookmarkThe name of a bookmark that refers to the portion of the document you want to include.
\!Prevents Word from updating fields in the inserted text unless the fields are first updated in the source document.
\c classnameHere are file format converters provided with Word and their corresponding class names: - INCLUDE A TABLE
\* upper???
\* lower???
\* firstcap???
\ *caps???

* If the source document is a Word document, you can edit the inserted text resulting from the INCLUDETEXT field and save the changes back to the source document. Edit the inserted text, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F7.
* The INCLUDETEXT field doesn't make use of OLE.
* You can include the contents of another file.
* You must include double backslashes in your folder paths.
* To include only a particular section from another file, mark the material you want to include with a bookmark and then add the bookmark name to the filed.
* You can insert the entire document, or, if it's a Microsoft Word document, you can insert only the portion referred to by a bookmark. This field was formerly called the INCLUDE field.
* Example 1 -
* Example 2 - Only include the text inside the Summary bookmark
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ INCLUDETEXT "C:\\Winword\\Port Development RFP" }
{ INCLUDETEXT "C:\\Winword\\Port Development RFP" Summary }

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