AUTOTEXTLIST "literaltext" \s ["stylename"] \t ["tiptext"]

Creates a drop-down list based on AutoText entries in the active template.

literaltextText that displays in the document before the user displays the drop-down list
If the text contains spaces, enclose it in quotation marks.
stylenameThe name of the style of the AutoText entries that you want to appear in the list
The style can be a paragraph style.
tiptextText that displays in the screen tip when you mouse over the field result.
\sSpecifies that the list will contain entries based on a specific style
\tThe text to appear as a screen tip.
\* upper???
\* lower???
\* firstcap???
\ *caps???

* The list can vary based on the styles applied to the AutoText entries.
* If the \s switch is not used then the AutoText entries are based on the current paragraph style ?
* If the \t switch is not used then the default screen tip will be used.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ AUTOTEXTLIST "Hello" \s Yourstyle \t "Pick One" }

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