MERGEFIELD fieldname [switches]

Displays the name of a data field within the "chevron" merge characters in a mail merge main document - for example, <<FirstName>>. When the main document is merged with the selected data source, information from the specified data field is inserted in place of the merge field.

\b Specifies the text to be inserted before the MERGEFIELD field if the field is not blank
\f Specifies the text to be inserted following the MERGEFIELD field if the field is not blank
\m Specifies that the MERGEFIELD field is a mapped field
\v Enables character conversion for vertical formatting

* In previous versions of Microsoft Word, merged documents frequently displayed double spaces in place of fields that mapped to missing data. Now you can use switches to specify which text is printed before or after the field results (provided that the field contains data).
* You must select the data source for the main document before you insert merge fields.
* If you must change the field name specified in a merge field, edit the field name in the MERGEFIELD field codes. Changing a field name with field codes hidden has no effect.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ MERGEFIELD Address }

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