AUTHOR ["newname"] [switches]

Inserts the name of the author for the active document from the (File > Properties)(Summary tab).

newnameThe name of the author that will overwrite the name on the Summary tab.

* To print the same information on each page of a document (for example, "Document: October 99 Sales Report, printed by A. Gabor on 11/8/99 4:20 PM"), insert the following text and fields in a header or footer.
* The name of the author can be as long as 255 characters and must be enclosed in quotation marks.
* The name that is stored in the (File > Properties)(Summary tab) corresponds to the name in the (Tools > Options)(User Information tab) of the person who created the document.
* When this field is updated the name is saved back to the (File > Properties)(Summary tab).
* The author name for a new document or template is initially the name specified on the (Tools > Options)(User Information tab).
* This field supports the standard capitalisation switches.
* Document: { FILENAME }, printed by { AUTHOR } on { PRINTDATE }
* In the following AUTHOR field, a FILLIN field prompts for the author name. The name is printed in the document and is added to the (File > Properties) dialog box.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ AUTHOR " { FILLIN "Author name?" } " }
{ AUTHOR "Russell Proctor" \* Upper }
{ AUTHOR "Russell Proctor" \* Lower }
{ AUTHOR "Russell Proctor" \* FirstCap }
{ AUTHOR "Russell Proctor" \* Caps }

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